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Most businesses and people have tools that manage their appointments, deadlines and contacts as independent events and data. Some software links events and information to contacts, and is considered a “contact-centric” system. However, lawyers work on cases and files. Those files can have many different contacts, deadlines, appointments, notes, and reminders.

At the Eduard and Crina Law Firm we have specialized file centered software that allows us to electronically view your case as an independent matter, separate from all other cases. We can see a case specific view, with the appointments, “to-do’s,” deadlines, contacts, time entries, notes, and other information for your particular file. This allows us to avoid noise and distraction from other cases and matters while we focus on our work in your case. It enables us to answer questions about your case at the press of a button. We can even set our software to automatically email reminders to you if you are required to gather information, provide assistance, attend a hearing, or be in a meeting at any point in the case. MANAGING YOUR DOCUMENTS – Optical Character Recognition For Everything.

Eduard and Crina Law Firm goes to great lengths to leverage technology to manage the documents, records and communications in your case. Every document in your case is scanned and stored in our electronic document management system. When scanned, it is subject to optical character recognition, so that the document becomes searchable. The result is that all materials related to your case become fully searchable. Not only can we search for particular text, but we code all documents so that we can easily search limited subsets, such as emails, correspondence, pleadings or discovery in your case. By actively implementing and leveraging document management software, we can manage your case, data, and records more efficiently and respond more quickly to whatever is developiing in your case. MANAGING DISCOVERY – Advanced eDiscovery Resources.

With the development of technology, there has been enormous growth in document creation and stored information. Clients and opposing parties now have vast troves of emails, text messages, word processing documents, spreadsheets, and scanned information. Clients have a duty to preserve the evidence they possess. Accessing information from opposing parties can be a source of critical evidence to support a case. Our firm has established relationships with technology vendors who can make forensic copies of electronic data, digitally sift through the data to distinguish between created information and routine programs, and provide the data in a manageable format. We also have sophisticated electronic discovery software that allows us to read information into a database, search it, categorize it, and efficiently funnel down to key data needed for the case. This technological sophistication allows us to cost effectively maximize access to discovery information and identify the most valuable evidence in the massive volume of information that comes out in some cases. MANAGING COMMUNICATIONS – Fully Integrated, Secure Communication.

Communications are central to legal matters. As a result, we have integrated all of our communications into our general document management system. Emails are imported into your electronic file. Most voice messages are transcribed through voice recognition software and incorporated into your case file. Of course, formal correspondence is scanned. By doing this, anything that we receive from opposing counsel can be searched, pulled and used as exhibits or in negotiations. We also have a portal where you can securely upload documents to us, and can send you secure links to download documents and secure emails. This allows us to ensure your confidential information, trade secrets, medical records, and financial records are only transmitted through the safest available electronic means. MANAGING YOUR TRIAL – A Full Range Of Presentation Resources.

Ultimately, all the technology and information resources are only as valuable as the presentation they can be organized into for trial. Cases require varying degrees of trial presentation resources, depending on the circumstances and stakes. Our firm is proud to have experience and relationships that span the full range of trial presentation resources. We have worked with designers to create simple display boards and charts, and also worked with sophisticated trial presentation software broadcasting to large format touch screens. In between, we have used common software such as Power Point, and even tablet presentation software for presentation of exhibits using an iPad during motion arguments. The use of these presentation materials makes the difference between a flat, theoretical argument and bringing a case to life with the real documents and information popping up to highlight and blow up evidence precisely when needed to punctuate key points. THE LEVERAGE OF TECHNOLOGY – Able To Compete With Anyone.

We take great pride in our technology resources, and regularly update them. Resources at the Eduard and Crina Law Firm are in many ways ahead of other firms big and small. As a result, we can compete with any firm, of every size, and are prepared to confront whatever obstacles you may face.