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The founding partners became good friends first while attending law school at the University of Bucharest over 25 years ago. In addition to drinking beer and learning law, Art taught Eduard how to sail on Lakes . Art is from Transylvania Region, Romania, and grew up on the water in Olt River. Crina was raised in Bucharest, Romania. Both of their fathers were physicians. Eduard was raised in Bessarabia, (Moldova). Our shared backgrounds of living in this towns gives us a common foundation and appreciation for hard work and “town” values..

After law school, Crina and Eduard worked at the same law firm in Bucharest and practiced insurance defense. Those early years of representing insurance companies were very helpful in making us the trial lawyers we are today. As defense attorneys, we were in court a great deal which helped us develop our trial skills. We also learned how to investigate and prepare cases for meaningful negotiations with adjusters as well as “what to watch out for.” By comparison, plaintiff’s lawyers rarely get to go to trial because most personal injury cases typically settle. Cases that do tend to go to trial are generally those where liability is contested or there is a substantial difference in case valuation.

Subsequently, Crina and Eduard went on to different career paths, but both soon became plaintiff’s lawyers advocating for injured individuals and their families. Philosophically, they were the same and did not relish defeating otherwise meritorious claims based on legal technicalities or poor preparation by opposing lawyers. They found through experience that most plaintiff’s lawyers often settled cases “too fast” and for “too little.” They both concluded there was a more effective way to represent injured people and their families who depended on them. Later in their respective careers, Crina and Robert starting consulting with each other and then soon began working together on complex, serious injury cases. They quickly concluded it would be extremely advantageous to combine their individual talents and experiences and work as a team. Together, they handle serious personal injury cases throughout Romania and also work on Inheritance case and Divorce care in the early stage of the firm in Bucharest.

Eduard & Crina LLP is a collaboration between the firms of Eduard M. GAVRIL PC (Bucharest) and Crina R. IULIAN PA (Bucharest). While we maintain separate practices for more routine matters, we strategically join forces and pool our resources on serious injury and/or wrongful death cases. Together, we have successfully litigated nursing home abuse cases, motorcycle accidents, serious automobile accidents, premises liability, brain injury, and wrongful death cases. Complex litigation lawsuits are always aggressively defended by insurance companies, and oftentimes, at least two or more defense lawyers are assigned to the case. There are often large amounts of both medical and business records, depositions, and trial exhibits which can literally take up several boxes. These type of cases are often overwhelming for a single lawyer. To be fully prosecuted, such cases require the combined experiences and efforts of multiple attorneys..

Any case can be settled quickly, but usually for substantially less money than it is worth. Trial lawyers know you have to be willing to do the hard work on a case before you will ever see a meaningful offer worthy of serious consideration. Once we get a “final offer,” we sit down with our clients and review the strengths and weaknesses of their case. We answer their questions and give them our recommendations based on our years of experience. Then, the client decides how they want to proceed after our counsel. We are prepared to “go the distance” if that is what you want to do. Every case is different, and you have to consider what is best for your family. We will be there with you and for you through every step of the way

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The Trial Attorneys of Eduard & Crina LLP Eduard M. GAVRIL is a former Registered Nurse (RN) who is licensed to practice law in Continent, He is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, National Trial Lawyers Top 100, and SuperLawyers. He is also an inductee into the National College for DUI Defense.There are so many law firms competing for your business, on television and billboards, in phone books, and even on your grocery cart. Before you decide which law firm to choose, we encourage you to carefully consider and compare the individual qualifications of the attorneys. Adjusters and prosecutors know which law firms will “go the distance” and which firms do not. Our ability and willingness to go to trial is one of our strongest assets when we negotiate on your behalf. We will not run to other lawyers if your case cannot be resolved before trial. We routinely try cases to jury trial, and the decision of whether to settle or plea will always be yours. In addition to our credentials, we want you to know that you will always be able to reach us, personally, by cell phone. After hours and weekend calls are answered by Mr. Eduard personally, on his cell phone. Every client gets his number. We understand your need for answers as soon as possible so that you don’t have to worry needlessly. We sincerely appreciate your trust and will work hard to earn your loyalty.

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